Hello February!

by Sarah Zamecnik from “Head Games” Series

Hello it’s been a while, January went by in a blink of an eye and I am excited to welcome February with open arms. I’m hoping that February is a bit slower paced, but not any less filled with adventures. How was your first month of 2013, was it filled with adventure, to-do lists, and resolution making? I turned 25, explored Whidbey Island with Mike and Belle, hiked Oyster Dome, had the best pie of my life, started and became kind of obsessed with Twin Peaks, and got to wake up every morning to my favorite person and pup.

This weekend we are doing a little less exploring, and more cleaning/prepping for our visitors next weekend. Mike’s mom and brother in-law are coming for a visit. We are so excited to show them around, and take them out to the islands on ferries, eat more of that delicious pie, and hang around Seattle for a day. Hope your February welcomes you with lots of love, peace, and happiness. Happy Weekending… here are a few of my favorite links from this week.

C’mon get Happy! 21 Habits of Happy People

Vermont or Bust- My dear friend Sarah is heading to Vermont for a residency and needs your help. Help her get to VT and get some art in return. Win-Win. Donate here!

Loved this quote.

Wedding Invitations,made me laugh so hard. Is planning a wedding really this crazy these days? Cheers to elopements.

Mike and I have been looking for a birdfeeder for our tree outside the kitchen window, this DIY grapefruit birdfeeder will do just fine.

I’m loving these Want, Need, Wear, Read post from James over at Bleubird

This winter picnic sounds dreamy.

Because I’m halfway through my 20’s, 10 Lessons Everyone Learns in their 20s

Finally, the Perfect soft-cooked eggs. I made these all last weekend, will probably do the same tomorrow. Are you a soft-egg kinda person? I love them now that I can make them properly.

Have a great weekend, see you next week.

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