Happy Weekending, It’s Friday Already!?

source: Mr. & Mrs. Globetrot (http://mrmrsglobetrot.blogspot.com/)

source: Mr. & Mrs. Globetrot (http://mrmrsglobetrot.blogspot.com/)

Whoa did this week even really start? It seemed to go by in a blink of an eye, and here we are,Friday morning ready for another weekend filled with adventure and SUNSHINE.  We have family coming to visit for the weekend, so Mike and I will be making our way down to Seattle this morning to pick them up. I am so excited to show them around our little part of Washington. We are planning on hiking Oyster Dome on Sunday, since it is going to be the sunniest day. Also we have a fun donor event happening tomorrow morning at the Pickford Film Center to see the last “film” movie played on the screens, since everything is going digital.We are off to hike with Belle this morning and get some donuts. What are your plans this weekend?


Here are a few of my favorite things from this past week.

The image above is from the talented duo Mr. and Mrs. Globetrot, really loving their work and blog.

Sunday is Chinese New Year, did you know its the Year of the Snake?

Valentine’s day is just under a week away, don’t have a gift yet? Make your own valentines.

Or you could make a Love Letter Scroll, its such a sweet surprise.

Celebrities and their breakfasts.

Two great going away party idea, I love the theme boxes.

The most insanely well photographed food, mmmm so hungry.

The Selby does it again, so in love with this bakery space.

For a weekend lunch,yum.

 NYC Date: A kiss at the top of the Empire State Building, so romantic.



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